Submit your weird writing, damn't!!

We don't actually have stacks of manuscripts at the moment


Submissions are open year round with very few restrictions or exceptions or rules...

(...Except that if you are a WHITE CIS HETRO MALE, we'll require you to introduce us to a manuscript that isn't written by one before we AGREE TO PUBLISH.  Doesn't mean we have to like or accept that manuscript, just that you find someone less white and less straight [or you know... a member of half the world's population... women] you think is cool and talented, and let us and them know that by getting us their words.  Don't hesitate to start your furious search only after you make your submission, though)

Hard to believe, I know, that a press that prides itself on catering to freaks hasn't caught on with the mainstream yet...

First thing:

Go look at the books we've put out.  Sound like your cup of tea? 

Ok, you are invited to consider submitting to us...

Don't be Bashful.  Just be weird.  We love original and unconventional book concepts.  Maybe we won't like your brand of bat-shit-delightful, but how the hell do you know one way or the other?  We thrive on your creativity and your courage to be different.  We aren't just a poetry press - even if that's what we've been doing primarily.  Give us your essays, your collections of short stories, your novelettes,  your photographic narratives, your mixed media commentaries on the decline of human civilization.  We look forward to reading all your work - you know, cause we are book nerds who like to read.  If we really, really like it, we'll ask you if it's ok that we've already been telling our friends about your super cool book coming out soon. 

All we ask is that it's either in a .pdf or a .doc  


. D O C

If you send a .docx  with fonts we don't have on our computers with inconsistent spacing and all the other wonky shit Microsoft Word post-2003 is susceptible to, you will be considered part of the capitalist fascist machine, and we will make fun of you behind your back.

Otherwise, ask yourself "Would Henry Rollins / Jello Biafra / Samuel Beckett / John Waters enjoy this?"

if the answer is yes