Ezhno Martin

patron saint of losers, boozers, tellers of ugly truths

Ezhno is a total wierdo in who lives in Toledo. Ezhno doesn't believe in pronouns and doesn't use them, but does believe in making books and tangible pieces of art to take home and love.  Ezhno only buys books and booze, so all other Ezhnovian possessions are either found on the side of the road or stolen.  Ezhno feels the duende.  Ezhno recently broke out of rehab because Ezhno couldn't stand sobriety and the preponderance of positive outlooks concurrently. Ezhno used to have a cat named Furlinghetti, but the cat found Ezhno tedious and stopped showing up for dinner.  I'm going to break the 4th wall now and tell you that I don't want to list all the magazines I've been published in, but if you want to creep on me while I take public showers at the YMCA it should probably achieve the same goal.  Ezhno started (this) press a while back as a way to create things that could be traded for beer, and, in fact a book called #Beer was the inaugural project, and was only available for beer. Not anymore.  Ezhno now also accepts all forms of payment except vegan food. Ezhno has a past, but doesn't talk about it much.